Welcome to Elkhound Hill....

...Where Elkhounds are loved and trained

Elkhounds are our passion! Our dogs blend into our family as
protectors and companions. After many years of owning hounds,
Dwayne decided that he wanted a dog that would serve as a family
pet and loyal outdoor companion. The versatility of the elkhound
allows us to enjoy this breed 24/7 365 days a year! We have done a
great deal of research and traveled many miles to find elkhounds
that meet the breed standard while maintaining the inherent
characteristics of this remarkable, ancient breed.

Our facilities include a wooded paradise adjoined to state game
lands which provides sufficient exercise. This native wood lot
abounds with squirrels and raccoons, entertaining our dogs on a
daily basis. Their scenting and hunting instincts remain sharp in this
natural environment. Our dogs accompany us during frequent walks
on our property as well as on hundreds of acres of family-owned
farms. While predominantly household family pets, elkhounds also
absolutely love the outdoors. This beautiful breed is not vicious;
however, they are quick to notify their owner of any approaching
stranger. Elkhounds are a wonderful addition to any family!

We are located in South Central Pennsylvania and would love to
show you the most beautiful elkhounds in the world. Please call
Dwayne at 814-685-3731 or email dbnorthcraft@yahoo.com


Our Standards as Elkhound Breeders:

We are dedicated to the well-being of our elkhounds. Raising these
wonderful dogs is not just our hobby but our passion.

How We Got Started: (Our Story)
My name is Dwayne Northcraft and I was first exposed to
elkhounds when I visited farms as a beginning teacher of
agriculture twenty-six years ago. My first elkhound, Jobe,
was a true testament to the breed and these grey dogs with
curly tails became a significant part of my life.  Shortly
thereafter, I purchased two dogs from a gentleman who has
been breeding elkhounds for fifty years and whose elkies
have won competitions. I have been selectively crossing his
stock with my male, and the pups have been outstanding
elkhounds displaying the elkhound traits at eight weeks of
age. Even today, as a Superintendent of Schools, I have
made my main leisure activity training elkhounds in the
scenic mountains of Pennsylvania. With a state-of-the-art
GPS tracking system, my elkhound family covers many
adventurous miles in pursuit of PA wildlife. I truly love these
dogs and will own this bloodline forever. My two acre
training facility is paradise for my elkhounds. As you can
see, they are fun-loving, loyal companions. I am producing
the highest quality of hunting dogs that also meet the AKC
standards. Because I devote a great deal of time to training
and improving the working skills of my elkhounds, and for
the well-being of my dams, my elkhounds are mated very
sparingly and selectively. We have one or two litters a year. If
you would like more information, please e-mail or call me.


Dwayne Northcraft
814-685-3731 (Let's talk Elkhounds!)  
Elkhound Hill
Norwegian Elkhound Breed Standard

General Appearance:

The Norwegian Elkhound is a hardy gray hunting dog. As
a hunter, the Norwegian Elkhound has the courage,
agility, and stamina to hold moose and other big game at
bay by barking and dodging attack, and the endurance to
track for long hours in all weather over rough and varied

Size, Proportion, Substance:

Height at the withers for males is 20 1/2 inches, for
females 19 1/2 inches. Weight for males is about 55
pounds, for females about 50 pounds.