Previous Pups
The Deitchlers are awakened with kisses
from Bella....
Bandit went home with the Costello
family in Pittsburgh, PA.

"Our pup is doing great, the family
adores him, we named him Bandit. He
is beautiful; we receive compliments
all the time about how good looking
he is. He is very playful and loves to
play with my daughter and three
nephews. He also loves to play with
other dogs."
Thanks--Don Costello
"I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you.
Your Elkhounds are beautiful babies and it was so nice
to see how wonderful their dispositions and
temperament are. Gunnar is such a sweet little guy and
we are in love with him already! He's so funny how he
prances around. I take him in the yard and he runs and
those little legs can keep right up with me. He is going
to grow up to be such a good dog."
--Diane Heaps

Odin rushes to strangers for pets and
greets every dog as if he is his long-lost
You have great Elkhound stock-Odin is
developing into a  wonderful dog and
companion.  Thank you so much for
allowing him to live with us!

Brenda Kieffer
Our new puppy has been very
responsive to training; we
actually are going to start some
obedience training tomorrow. He
is so great and I am glad I found
you guys.

Chris Auer
The puppies, now 1/2 grown, are doing GREAT!  
We love them to pieces and it was soooo right
to get the two of them. They are wonderful
together and we are so happy with their
demeanor.  We decided to name them Thor and
Loki after the Norwegian Viking Gods.  They
completely fit their titles, with Thor being the
God of Thunder and the Alpha dog, and Loki
being the God of Evil and Mischief and always
as Thor's heels.

Danielle and Darren Wilson
Vesta loves snow and is definitely a
"people" dog - she is ready to run to
anybody for hugs and kisses :) We
also go to the obedience training with
her, and she is doing fine. Peanut, the
cat, actually likes her and both of
them enjoy classical music (I think).
When Daniela is playing the piano
they both lie down and drift off to
sleep. Daniela is running around with
Vesta all over the house and outside,
too (if weather permits). They both
enjoy each other.

Alex, Gina and Daniela, Maryland
"Elsa bear! She is absolutely gorgeous and there is not one
single person who hadn't said just that! She is growing so
very quickly but has the most beautiful features! She has
just started puppy class and is the "Queen" of the class...
she sits soo regally and does many of the demonstrations
with the trainer! Elsa is very intelligent, sometimes a bit too
much as she seems to look at us and say "ok I am bored...
what's next?!" She has done better than expected with potty
training and crate training, and has learned all basic
commands with ease. We have been taking walks 2-3 times
a week and she absolutely loves that! We jogged 1/2 mile
yesterday and she did really well! We both absolutely adore
her and I find myself trying to take her everywhere with me!
She is always by our side and seems to really just enjoy
hanging out with us! I am sooo truly excited to have found
this breed because their personalities are just amazing! I
swear sometimes I can actually see her solving a puzzle in
her head! She is very attentive as well and can tell when we
are happy, sad, angry, or just tired from the long work week!
She makes everyone smile that sees her and is a regular
celebrity at Pets Mart! Everyone knows Elsa! She reminds
me of a actress walking the red carpet! I can't thank you
enough for raising such beautiful dogs and there is a high
likelihood you will hear from us again! After all... Elsa will
need a playmate."
---Corrine P.
"Just wanted to touch base quickly and tell you how
wonderful this little pup we got from you has turned
out to be.  He spent the summer on the boat and
made a natural boat dog.  There are areas where the
dogs can’t jump on and off the boat easily, so we
bought them repelling harnesses and craned them on
and off the boat.  It wasn’t Chino’s favorite thing to do,
but he tolerated it for a chance to get off the boat.
He has fit so well into our home, especially now that
he is beginning to mature.  He is very well-natured,
eager, and curious.  When we originally discussed
getting another dog, everybody was on board but me.  
I work from home and knew I would be the one
getting “stuck” with doing everything for him.  I was
happy just having my one older dog.  But it didn’t
take long before I was sold.  Now I can’t imagine our
house without him."
---Jeanette S.
Dante and Ari at their new home
with the Horne family in Latrobe,
Hunter, in Alexandria, VA, with
his Christmas toys.